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Welcome to Iron Medical

Welcome to Iron Medical!! We are excited and proud to meet so many like-minded professionals who have committed much of their lives to education and training and who everyday do their part to make the world a better place.

Iron’s mission for excellence begins with our medical professionals deployed in the field. We are beginning our recruiting phase for Travel Nurses with adventurous spirits and desire to experience our great country. As we are new; our positions are focused on New Jersey at this time, but soon will be expanding to other compact states. Iron will not just be accepting everyone, and the process will be lengthy. We understand your time is valuable, but as you deploy and meet other member of the team, you will know you are part of an elite corps.

A little bit about our process:

  • Meet Qualifications;

  • First Interview – Brief Introduction with our legal counsel and former police captain;

  • Second Interview – Character assessment with Army Intelligence Officer and Retired Army Colonel;

  • Third Interview – Medical interview with DO and DNP;

  • Final Interview – Founders - We want to know our team members personally;

  • Written Test – If necessary;

  • Background Check;

  • Credentialing;

  • Deployment;

Again, we know this is time consuming, but there is an end goal in mind. As our team grows, we wish to be recognized as best in the field; commanding HIGHER PAY FOR YOU!!

Furthermore, one of Iron’s passions is taking care of our troops who have PTSD/TBI. Many of us have been apart of the Camaraderie Foundation for many years and through Iron, we hope to continue to support this and other fine organizations.

In close, if you meet our qualifications, and want to be part of a new movement in the medical

community; APPLY NOW


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