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How do I become a travel nurse?

New nurse

You’ll need a year of nursing staff experience in your specialty before you travel with Iron Medical.

Current traveler

You know the drill. We’re here to support your professional career and personal fulfillment.

How long are travel nursing assignments?

Most travel jobs last 13 weeks. You may also hear them called assignments, contracts, or roles – they’re all the same. Some contracts are as short as 8 weeks and they can last up to 26 weeks. All Iron Medical job listings have complete information, including duration. Control your career by extending the roles you love or taking a few weeks to recover when you want. Flexibility is one of the best perks of travel nursing. Create your profile to get started.

How much do travel nurses make? estimates the average travel nurse salary in 2022 at $108,070 but this can vary widely by location, specialty, and demand. This is significantly higher than $75,330, the average salary for a staff nurse in 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Can I take travel nurse assignments close to my house? Can I drive back and forth to my house and still receive tax-free stipends?

You can absolutely take an assignment close to home! Whether you can receive stipends depends on how close you live to your job.

  • Most facilities set a number for the minimum number of miles a nurse must live from the facility to qualify as a travel nurse.

  • The IRS has rules about what qualifies for non-taxed reimbursements.

  • We do not set these rules, but we do honor them.

Are benefits provided?


Yes. Benefits are offered on the first of the month following the start date. Ex: If you start on 10/24, your coverage will be effective on 11/1. At the very latest, you will receive an email with enrollment information on the Monday following your start date. You are also eligible to enroll in a 401k  plan from your start date. Enrollment information for 401K enrollment will be provided in the email with benefits information. We also offer perks like profile completion support, a mobile app, and one-click application to thousands of vetted travel jobs.

Are Iron Medical travel nurses considered employees or independent contractors?


Iron Medical nurses are employees. That means we withhold and pay your income taxes, and offer health insurance, Worker’s Compensation, and additional benefits. Benefits start the first day of the next month after starting.


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