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What is Happening?!?!

I bumped into a paramedic the other day who was telling me all the stories of nurses he knew at local hospitals who were stealing from patients. Literally stealing patients’ belongings when they were at their most vulnerable, and often in surgery. How could this be? Worse yet, hospitals often terminate the nurse without reporting them to authorities out of fear of a bad reputation. Consequently, the nurse goes onto continue their spree at another institution. Having dealt with crime my whole life, I am not sure why this surprised me, but it did. The medical profession used to be revered, and a dream of every little kid, but something happened. We began to plug the holes with those who shouldn’t be there.   Of course, we understand people are human and “these things just happen,” but really...???  

While this anecdotal story is just that, a simple google search of “nurse theft” returns a dizzying array of results...really????

Iron Medical is done with this. We want to build a team that has served its nation and answered the call, and now wants to continue to help those in need.

For Institutions, know this: IM medical professionals will be vetted by Law Enforcement, Military Intelligence, and medical professionals. You will be hiring leaders, and it will be clear that a new corps is on the way to rescue. HIRE NOW


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