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How Did We Get Here

We often get asked how Iron Medical (“IM”) came to be, so we wanted to let everyone in on the big secret. I (John Burke) have been so blessed and fortunate to have a varied and exciting career and this was the next step.

Having worked in the Law Enforcement/Anti-Money Laundering Field for a long time, I wanted to get back on the streets. Working on Wall Street and investigating some of the most complex financial crimes of our time was fascinating, but there was something missing. The team I worked with was unbelievable; a group of former law enforcement/intelligence officers and SME’s in finance and trade made it an interesting ride. However, at the end of the day, it was still Wall Street and outside of our compliance bubble there was a never-ending obsession with making money at all costs. Then the pandemic hit, and we were all at home...sitting at home was not for me.

I harkened back to my old Secret Service days and how I admired the Medic’s and how much knowledge and training they had. Being in a few hairy situations made it great to have them around. And so, after some soul searching, I re-upped my EMT card and set out on a new career in medicine and on the nursing path.

Along the way I learned how decimated the nursing profession was because of COVID, burnout, and simply the heroic job so many are a part of that is unknown to the general public. I wondered how myself and those I have met along the way could do our part, and let’s not lie; make a few bucks along the way.  We also recognized something that has happened to the military, law enforcement et al when staffing numbers couldn’t be met.   They lower the standards. This is happening all around us, and the results are clear. IM will not be lowering standards, because we know the best still exist.

So, after consulting with Chris, we looked at the individuals we have surrounded ourselves with our whole lives; the military, law enforcement, and first responders who everyday make the world a little bit better place who they themselves have transitioned into and/or back to the medical field. It is a complementary group of resilient, stoic, hardened professionals who on the inside have the compassion and leadership skills to build the next generation of medical professionals.


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