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Camaraderie Foundation

Many of us here at Iron Medical have been connected to the Camaraderie Foundation since its inception.  It is a fantastic organization that provides counseling to Veterans who have PTSD.   Camaraderie was founded by a combat wounded veteran and his wife who recognized that service members were having a hard time returning home.   The ever constant adrenaline dump of being in combat is hard to turn off and transitioning back to the relative peace of the USA is not as simple as flipping a switch. 

Camaraderie has served thousands over the years; and distinguishable from the VA, Camaraderie also provides counseling free of charge to the FAMILIES of veterans.   This is a huge difference. 

A story that has always stuck with me was a Special Operator who was always leaving for a mission and returning home, then leaving again.   The soldier had a teenage daughter who began cutting herself as the period of bonding with her father, and his constant departure for danger was emotionally taxing.  Camaraderie was able to have the girl in counseling that of charge thanks to its generous donors.  

                                           *****2020 VA Report – 16 Veteran Suicides a Day*****

It is hoped that through Iron’s success that we will be able to financially support Camaraderie so they may continue their important mission.  

We also hope to explore many of the wonderful other charities out there and make as meaningful impact as possible. 

Working for Iron Medical as a travel nurse will help us help Camaraderie and many others.


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